The Red Menace

Марионетки-гиганты (32 фото).

I find this strangely unsettling given zero context outside of “the intended audience speaks Russian.”  We see the giant man sitting and pondering life, and then he stands up, dons his scuba gear, and goes on to… rescue his daughter from drowning?  Maybe?  Then he gives her a raincoat and sends her off on her merry way in what appears to be an extremely unstable boat that’s just been dropped onto the water from twenty feet in the air.

Since the site is in Russian, we can only assume that these creatures are the first wave of an extraterrestrial invasion, and the men in red coats are the people that they have so far enslaved.  Thankfully, we’re safe over here, since this force’s unique brand of combat is really only useful in the Slavic countries and Japan.


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