Meet The New School (Same As The Old School)

I have been gone for a while, I know.  I let a lot of people down there, too.  A lot of attractive women, if my information is correct (and it always is).  But now I’m back, with a new banner, and a new purpose.

You see, over the past, oh, six months I have become increasingly infatuated with this Old School Renaissance of (and this is where all the hardcore Run-DMC fans should leave lest they face extreme disappointment) Dungeons & Dragons.  I was led to Zak S’ fantastic blog Playing D&D With Porn Stars, a title that is perhaps unfitting of the sheer creativity, wit, and usable game material that comes out of every post, with actual X-rated content coming along only once in a blue moon.  His blogroll led me to James Maliszewski’s Grognardia and from there a whole new world of old school D&D goodness that I never knew existed opened up to me.

Not a week after I began my journey through this wonderous world of descending AC and thiefless dungeon delving (seriously, Run-DMC fans, there’s nothing here for you) I yearned to contribute, to play a part in hopefully rekindling a hobby that, in my humble opinion, has been struggling under the strain of unnecessary complexities and pandering to the perceived lowest common denominator from one end of the spectrum, and rampant pretension and pedantry on the other.  But up until recently, I have felt unqualified, inadequate, to throw my own untested ideas out into the blogosphere, for I was at the time the saddest of creatures, a DM without a campaign.

But now, oh now, after working tirelessly (save for all that tiring) on that oldest school of settings, the Megadungeon, and running a short B/X romp for my brother, followed by the beginning of a hopefully more drawn-out campaign scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, only now do I feel sufficiently prepared to let loose ideas or questions and back them up with legitimate play experience.  So get ready, this just got real.

But don’t fret ladies, this does not spell the end of my usual fare (which admittedly over the past half a year has been regular installments of no updates).  I still intend to talk about movies, video games, life in general, even the occassional book! (if any of you Run-DMC fans are left, you are probably offended that I’ve chosen this particular point in the post to remind you to leave, as it implies that you are either illiterate or simply hate literature or any artistic medium outside of hip hop, which we all know is simply not true)  I’ve been reading voraciously (or as voraciously as one can when one’s attention span has been gradually compressed by the horrors of the digital age as the multitasking instincts increased tenfold).  This summer I’ve read The Little Prince, two John Green books and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.  I am reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone to my brother for the first time.  I am currently reading Les Miserables at a breakneck pace.  My brother, six years old, introduced me to Adventure Time, as well as other less awesome but still entertaining shows, proving useful in bridging the generational gap that apparently exists between us.  I have things to say about all of these.

And now that that’s out of the way, here’s some Run-DMC.


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