The Future Is Now!!!

So today is my last day home before I cross the abyss into adulthood, from whence I can never look back, where I will forget my past and devote the rest of my life to keeping on one path of discipline and structure perpetual adolescence, from whence I will return home fairly frequently, and also stay in touch with the friends that matter, and probably continue to slack off and focus on whatever tomfoolery happens to pique my interest at any given moment, but hopefully to a slightly lesser extent than I currently do.  In short, tomorrow I leave for Bucknell.  Meaning don’t expect the blog to update anything remotely resembling regularly, but still check back every day, because the page views make me feel good about myself.

Wish me luck, beautiful readers!


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One response to “The Future Is Now!!!

  1. Kick Phil in the crotch for me. Gl, mate. Keep in touch over email or something, and pwn Bucknell. I’m obviously not making it back in time to actually say goodbye, but I want to say this. Throughout the years, you’ve been fucking awesome. It can’t get much more profound than that. Our friendship is cemented in the blood and iron of MPH’s geek underbelly, and I wouldn’t trade the years and thousands of jokes for anything. But most of all, kick Phil in the crotch. He was a douche.

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