Dungeon Keeper for Vista: Review

I’ve recently felt the urge to play the classic game Dungeon Keeper on my six-month-old laptop, which just so happens to run Vista (the same way some people just so happen to be born without arms or legs).  So I dug out the ol’ compact disk (needs MS-DOS or Windows 95 or higher) popped it in the cd tray and bam!  The install took all of five seconds (no, I’m pretty sure my computer can handle DirectX 3).  I go into the directory, double-click the icon, and receive a splash screen featuring the demon Horney, getting myself prepped for some serious anti-dungeoneering and…

The game crashes to desktop.  No matter what I do.  Three installs, one as administrator, changing all sorts of settings, nothing works.  Booting it under WINE over on my Linux partition doesn’t work either (in fact, it doesn’t even return to my 1440 x 900 resolution, just stays at 640 x 480, a resolution in which the window to change the resolution does not display the “OK” button) .  Even when I put it into my ancient XP desktop computer, I get as far as the world map before getting some sort of monitor sync error (and I’ve played this game on XP machines before).  You’d think somebody would have a patch or something for this, but there’s not even a user-made one from someone who’s cracked the game.  I am eternally frustrated.

Courtesy of Randall Munroe

This comic comes to mind.

Incidentally, Velthur, I still have your copy of Dungeon Keeper.



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4 responses to “Dungeon Keeper for Vista: Review

  1. Velthur

    That’s ok, my laptop was also tragically born with Vista, so it can never experience the joy of Dungeon Keeper either.

  2. Yoel

    Compatibility mode and everything doesn’t work? I recently played this awesome game on a vista machine, possibly driver updates screwed you over or something. :/

  3. karmuno

    Nope, I tried compatibility for Windows 95, 98 and XP, as well as several different combinations of colors, resolutions, and administrator status. I haven’t heard of the game running on Vista except under a virtual machine until now.

  4. Dunno if you ever tried again over the years, but the DOS version works in DOSBOX [www.dosbox.com], which emulates DOS pretty decently.

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